Libthreadar  1.0.0
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\NlibthreadarThis is the only namespace used in libthreadar and all symbols provided by libthreadar are member of this namespace
 oCbarrierClass barrier allows several threads to synchronize between them
 oCexception_basePure virtual class parent of all webdar exceptions
 oCexception_memoryException used to report memory allocation failures
 oCexception_bugException used to report webdar internal bugs
 oCexception_threadException used to report error met when manipulating threads
 oCexception_systemException used to report operating system errors
 oCexception_rangeException used to report out or range value or argument
 oCexception_featureException used to report an non-implemented feature
 oCmutexWrapper around the Posix pthread_mutex_t C objects
 oCsemaphoreClass semaphore is an enhanced version of Posix semaphore
 oCtamponClass tampon provides asynchronous communication between two threads
 \CthreadClass thread is a pure virtual class, that implements thread creation and operations